Barbie has it all; Dream House, a Porche AND a Jeep, fun friends, cool job(s), a fully stocked closet, an eating disorder…?? That’s right, even “Workout Barbie” would struggle to maintain these dimensions in real life!

According to her measurements, Libby has a waist to hip ratio of 0.875. Now granted that’s considered high risk according to most charts, it’s obvious from the photo that she just has slim hips and the calculation is slightly skewed because of it. But even it she were high-risk, if the alternative is to look like Barbie, we’re all in trouble! According to the numbers, if Libby were to try to achieve a Barbie-esque stature, at 5’6” she’d have to maintain a 20 inch waist. Yeah, good luck with that!! If Libby were to keep her 28 inch waist, in order to be desirable according to Barbie standards, she’d have to be 7 1/2 FEET TALL!!

The moral of the story, boys and girls; be careful about the images you consume and how you form your ideals about your body and self-image. Oftentimes we are sold concepts on beauty that are far beyond any real aspirations and more than that, they’re just flat out unhealthy. Strive to maintain a healthy lean to fat mass ratio that is optimal for YOUR body to function at it’s best so you can reach your full health and fitness potential!!

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